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I shat bricks during the Lamb of God scene.

Super funny. Everything else is still moderately hilarious but that scene was the best for me. Great job on this one.

I'm surprised there are no awards for this.

gj. Keep making more stuff because I love your stuffs.


I see you must have messed up on sizing it properly when uploading to Newgrounds (unless that was intentional to add that movie horizontal bar effect), but other than that, it was pretty decently drawn and animated.

Keep it up, Phil.

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It looks like...

...a 4-year-old who knows how to draw and code in flash made this game. In all honesty, that's what it feels like.


Looks fine and dandy, ok animated and everything, but... the zombies seem to die without me even attacking them. Programming glitch/screw-up?

Great game!

You did a good job bringing this back. The only thing that kind of irks me is how none of the other cars take damage, though it's nothing to really complain about.

Keep up the good work, rujo!

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After your review of one of my songs consisting of only negative feedback, I was hoping to hear your music and do the same thing.

But I can't, this is pretty fucking awesome amd very well produced, even tho it's a little short. Did you compose and perform all the instruments here or is this a group effort?

KrinnValKhristi responds:

I am sorry if I upset you Ghecko, truly, I never meant to hurt your feelings by giving you negative feedback.

I was only trying to help. Really, that is true, and I AM SO SO SO SORRY!

Sometimes I can nae say things right.... iono it is a problem with me, but I did nae mean to discourage you, I only meant to inspire you.

I hope you can forgive me, I have never been good at negative feedback.

But, to answer your question, yes, I performed all of the instruments and composed the whole song.

I really don't like the solo in the last chorus, it kind of... iono... seems too gritty and a little sloppy...and a little lost in the mix.

Maybe my next recording I will do better.

Maybe you might have some suggestions? I would love to hear them!

Incredibly produced, and whoever you got as the vocalist, her voice is beautiful. Good shit all around

pitbulljones responds:

Thank you. I did not create this track. I was given the opportunity to master it though for the singer, which I did. So if the production is good, I did that polish. I can't allow downloads though as I do not own the track. I just mastered it.

Really soothing, contemplative music and it maintains a mellow vibe throughout, which I dig. Reading the author comments I can't help but feel this is supposed to be a depressed song, or maybe that's just me thinking that.

iLifeMusicDude responds:

i put alot of mixed emotions into this song. im kinda at a point of my life where im trying to figure many things out and trying to stay positive about it as much as i can. many people are helping me right now and i couldn't be more happy to have them in my life. but art seems to be the best way for me to dump out any negative emotions i still have stored inside

I've been making SHIT since 2008, learning the craft since 2006. Creating music... it's something you can only experience and feel. Something you can never forget, and always appreciate. To create your own music is to be content for the rest of your lif

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